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Real Spirits. Zero Sugar. Carbon Neutral.

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Spirit-based, zero sugar alcoholic beverages for the self-aware consumer.

Drink really* responsibly.
Real Spirits

We use a corn-based vodka from Missouri, USA and an award-winning blanco tequila from Jalisco, Mexico.

Zero Sugar

VIDE products have zero sugar, zero carbs, 99 calories and use only gluten-free ingredients. We do not use any sweeteners.

Carbon Neutral

VIDE is a proud partner of Climate Neutral™, a non-profit helping to measure, offset and reduce our carbon footprint.

About us!

Meet the "VIDE Guys", Ryan Laverty and Sal Campisi. College buddies and entrepreneurs at heart, the two knew they wanted to start a business together.

In the summer of 2018, the two noticed something brewing in the beverage space: friends started drinking much less beer, and much more hard seltzers- a new and innovative product. Something struck the two as particularly interesting- often times, no one understood what they were consuming. Many people thought 'hard seltzers' had real vodka or tequila in them, when in fact, most of the hard seltzers derived their alcohol content from fermenting cane sugar and other nasty additives.

Sal and Ryan looked long and hard and had trouble finding a product that resonated with their lifestyles. The two were generally health-minded, but nothing in the category served their needs. They wanted transparency- not only with ingredients, but nutritional information as well. The two quickly learned that listing ingredients and nutritional information was not required for alcoholic beverage products- a.k.a you could put whatever you want in a can and the consumer would have no idea what they were drinking.

Thus, VIDE was born. A product that was founded on transparency, quality and convenience. List the ingredients, list the nutrtional facts, use high quality spirits, subtly flavor it, and make it drinkable- that was the mantra, and still and always will be.


Grab for something better.

Real Spirits. Zero Sugar. Zero Carbon Footprint.

“VIDE has clean ingredients, minimal calories and no sugar. The super sleek branding caught my attention.”

-Olivia Culpo, Investor & Partner

Proudly Carbon Neutral.

VIDE is a proud partner of Climate Neutral™. Learn how we offset our footprint below.

  • Step 1: Measure

    It all starts here: creating a solid estimate of the carbon emissions from making and delivering your products and services. VIDE's footprint includes Scopes 1, 2, and upstream Scope 3 emissions (per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol).

  • Step 2: Offset

    Once we've calculated last year’s emissions, we purchase eligible verified carbon credits to avoid and/or remove an equivalent amount. That’s how we become “neutral”: one carbon credit removes or avoids one tonne of carbon emissions. Projects like reforestation remove carbon from the atmosphere, while renewable energy avoids emissions from fossil fuels.

  • Step 3: Reduce

    VIDE implements a reduction action plan (RAP) to reduce our emissions over the next 12-24 months. A reduction action plan outlines what scope/category we're aiming to reduce, our target, the timetable for achieving it, and how we'll actually get it done. 

Here's what people are saying!

"Bought this for my family instead of High Noon. It's so much lighter and not as sweet. I can drink these all day. Loved them"

"So drinkable. Isn't a sugar bomb like everything else in this category. My favorite RTD right now"

"My favorite alcoholic beverage!!! So much lighter & less sweet then other drinks + healthier"

"Doesn’t have that overloaded with sugar taste. Love the packaging also!"

"So easy to drink. Light, refreshing and not sweet at all. Loved it!"